learn more about backspace Brewing CO

Backspace Brewing Co. started true to its name, in the garage of one of the founding members
as they started to create their own all-grain homebrew recipes. As this evolved over a few years, some
of those recipes will now be among the first few small batch beers we serve in the taproom at 200
Walnut St, Suite 103 here in Yankton. These ideas occupied the backspace of our minds as we’d refine
them and tweak them over several brew days to hand craft the best beer that we could just a few
gallons at a time.

We initially had a different name picked out for Backspace Brewing Co., but early issues
trademarking that name led to a hurried meeting to try and come up with something else! We came up
with a few ideas, none that really stuck or stood out to us, and eventually settled on Backspace Brewing
Co since we had to ‘delete our name and start over.’ Quickly after, we realized it told a lot of our story
and inspired us as well! From humble beginnings in a garage home brewery to creating a small batch
commercial brewery and taproom from the ground up in a historic building that would allow us to share
our beer with a bigger audience. Our story will always be one that occupied the backspace of our minds
during our daily lives until we could make this dream a reality.

This eventually led us to a building that once held a historic brewery in Yankton, Schwenk-Barth
Brewing Co., and wanting to bring brewing back to a space downtown that wasn’t being utilized to its
full potential. A true backspace. The garage in a structure originally constructed in 1902… part of the
brewery with its tall brick and mortar smokestack still stands today. When the state of South Dakota
voted to prohibit alcohol in 1917 and the nation followed in the early 1920s, Schwenk-Barth made
several attempts to market non-alcoholic beverages but ultimately failed. Closing in 1919. An attempt to

revive the brewery was made in 1934, however, due to the ongoing Great Depression the owner Fred
Schwenk was unable to raise the funds. During World War II the brewery was used to manufacture
industrial alcohol for the government but was never used to make beer again.

The brewery has been several things since then… occupied by a laundromat, a bike shop, a small
gym, and other things before ultimately essentially becoming a storage space for odds and ends while
the rest of the building was restored to be used as an event space for weddings and other special
occasions. When we first checked out the space nearly 2 years ago, we knew we would have a lengthy
road ahead to make this space function as a brewery/ taproom once again. Below you can browse an
album of images that show the duration of the renovation made to bring the ‘old brewery’ back and
create what is now Backspace Brewing Co.

A Note About Our Founders Club
Thanks to the following individuals who have supported us through their membership in our
Founders Club! Without them, Backspace Brewing Co would not be possible. Their support started the
construction in our space and continues to drive improvements at the brewery

         Deb & Joe Bennett            Deb Boetger              Amanda & Tyler Millage         Todd Hauger
         Jimmy & Karla Walsh        Matt Schindler            Sheila Woodward                  Ryan Boetger
        Mama Suzie                    Cameron Schindler      Jesus Villasenor                     Aaron Gregor
     Scott & Lanee Schindler      Doug Allington            Bill Allington                         Holly Hicks
        Kim & Steve Thayer           Bob & Beth Millage     Kevin Moe                          Kyle Anderson
       Josh & Jessica Reissig         Robert Millage Jr         Shaun Pinkelman                  Chris Hunhoff
               Jason Foote                  Jerod Ibarolle                 Zachary Bakke                  Courtney Russenburger
   Chad Nolan                    Mike Logue                Deb Bodenstedt                     Jim Arens
         Brittany & Josh Wagner      Joe Erickson                 Jen & Andy Holst                 Savannah Barrett
        Barrie Larsen                   John Campbell              Craig Montgomery               Daisy Krumback
         John Little                       Jesse Koester                Marcus Murtha                 Tom & Tara Pavlik
Dylan Wilson                 Javier Murguia             Monty Rothenberger                   Lyndo

Lisa & Tony Erickson              Kourtney Erickson             Adam Gatzemeyer