Where it all started, the original Backspace!

       Until the brewery is completed, Backspace Brewing Co. started very true to its name. In the garage of one of the founding members as they created their first recipes and started to brew all grain recipes for beer. Now a few years later, some of those same recipes will be among a few of the first beers we serve! These brews truly occupied the back space of our minds, as we'd refine them and tweak them over several brew days and handcraft the best beer that we could just a few gallons at a time on our days off.   


     The founding members originally had a different name picked out for Backspace Brewing Co., but early issues with trademarking that name let to a hurried meeting to try and find a new name. We came up with a few ideas, none that really stuck or stood out to us, and eventually settled on Backspace Brewing Co. as kind of a back up plan. Quickly after we realized it told a lot of our story and inspired us as well! From humble beginnings in a residential garage to creating a small commercial brewery from scratch that would allow us to bring those recipes to a greater audience. Our story will always be about craft brewing occupying the backspace of our daily lives until we could try and make this dream a reality. 

     Expect more information about the owners/ brewers on this page in the future. Until then please enjoy the photos below that show how we built our current 'backspace' into the pilot brewery we are using to refine our recipes until construction begins! We hope you enjoy this look into the beginnings of Backspace Brewing Co!