The Founders Club is a way for us to raise some money and get people involved... in return for their investment they receive a bunch of special perks!

Tier 3 includes the following items:

-Access to a ‘Founders Club’ Facebook page that has more details about what we’ve been up to getting the space ready. We plan to continue the updates once we’re open so you’ll be the first to know about new beers and the like.

-Punch card for 1 pint per week for the first calendar year we are open. At $5/ week this alone is a $260 value.

-Personalized name mug on the Founder’s Wall. After you’ve had it down at the brewery for a year it’s yours to keep.

-A 22 oz. bottle or two of an anniversary stout, that we plan to age in barrels for our first year of operation and present to each of our founding members when it is ready.

-A founders club soft opening event to be held soon!

Founder's Club Membership- Tier 3